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Nr 7/2018 r.

Abstract 7/2018 Table of content Norbert Chamier-Gliszczyński – Issues of monitoring and assessment in the planning of sustainable urban mobility Urszula Duda-Wiertel – Consequences of accessibility parking space change in vulnerable city centre area Arkadiusz Drabicki, Andrzej Szarata, Rafał Kucharski – Simulation analysis of the 3rd and 2nd ring road development schemes in Cracow and […]

Nr 2/2018 r.

Abstract 2/2018 Table of content Arkadiusz Drabicki – Investigation of impact of sudden service disruptions (suspensions) on public transport trips in the city of Krakow – conclusions for further extension of the dynamic passenger information system Agata Myszka, Mateusz Truszczyński – Potential of using inland waterways to increase transport availability of the Tri-city seaports Janusz […]

Nr 1/2018 r.

Abstract 1/2018 Table of content  Sylwia Pogodzińska – Estimation of bicycle traffic flow based on bike share system data Remigiusz Wojtal – Air pollution in cities in the aspect of car traffic Paulina Bździuch, Marek Bogacki – Emission of heavy metals into the air from urban buses in Krakow in 2010-2025 Aleksandra Faron – Relations […]

Nr 12/2017 r.

Abstract 12/2017 Table of content Dariusz Tłoczyński –Transport demands and means of satisfying them on the regional air transport market in Poland Juliusz Engelhardt – The Fourth Railway Package – passenger transport Wiesław Starowicz, Katarzyna Nosal –Mobility plans for workplaces as a tool for mobility management in cities Józef Suda – Operative urban transport management […]

Nr 11/2017 r.

Abstract 11/2017 Table of content Bryniarska Zofia –Assessment of passengers’ satisfaction on the innovative solution in the public transport in Krakow Piotr Wiśniewski – Design and implementation of a decision support system for urban transport crisis management Katarzyna Solecka, Damian Maderak –Evaluation of urban public transport system in Cracow by elderly people Krystian Banet, Andrzej […]

Nr 10/2017 r.

Abstract 10/2017 Table of content Jan Paszkowski, Rafał Kucharski – Urban road network capacity paradoxes and methods of their reproduction in four-step model Jan Aleksandrowicz – The conception of free rides on Krakow’s fast commuter rail line during exceeded air pollution norms Grzegorz Dyrkacz, Wiesław Starowicz – Good practices in urban public transport in Cracow […]

Nr 9/2017 r.

Abstract 9/2017 Table of content Tomasz Kulpa, Sonia Kulas, Beata Popadiak –Passenger trip patterns changes after launch of Suburban Railway in Małopolska Radosław Bul –Public transport interchanges as a key element of integrated transport system in the agglomeration of Poznań Krystian Siwek –Microsimulation models on British Isles, theory and practice, part 2  Jacek Malasek –Method […]

Nr 8/2017 r.

 Abstract 8/2017 Table of content Tomasz E. Burghardt,  Anton Pashkevich, Marcin Piegza – Drivers’ perception of horizontal road marking with high retroreflectivity Jacek Malasek – C-ITS in a Smart City Gabriela Kołodziej, Wiesław Starowicz – Analysis of the quality of public transport provided by private carriers on the connection: Alwernia-Krakow Krystian Siwek – Microsimulation models […]

Nr 7/2017 r.

 Abstract 7/2017 Table of content Robert Tomanek – The function of free fare public transport in balancing urban mobility Urszula Duda-Wiertel, Katarzyna Nosal, Katarzyna Solecka – Workshops with stakeholders as a good practice for developing sustainable mobility solutions Caroline Kubala – Change of user’s perception of the Paid Parking Zone  Sabina Puławska-Obiedowska – The public transport accessibility for people […]

Nr 6/2017 r.

Abstract 6/2017 Table of content Katarzyna Czekała, Zofia Bryniarska – The empty methodfor assessment of selected interchanges in Krakow’s public transport Aleksandra Ciastoń-Ciulkin – Analysis of travel comfort level in aglomeration trains on the route:  Krakow Airport /Wieliczka Mine Market Andrzej Massel – Evolution of the state of railway infrastructure in the Łódź voivodeship Pająk […]

Nr 5/2017 r.

Abstract 5/2017 Table of content Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk –Influence of changes in the bus transport offer on the accessibility of tourist attractions in the Kłodzko land Katarzyna Nosal – Selected aspects of walkability Eliza Ciszewska-Kulwińska,  Maciej Łada – Safety assessment method on pedestrian crossings near schools Andrzej Krych – Traces of Mateusz Butrymowicz engineering activities. Part 1: Telechany […]

Nr 4/2017 r.

Abstract 4/2017 Table of content Wiesław Starowicz – New transport policy of the City of Cracow for 2016-2025 Jacek Malasek – Research on innovative transport demand in Poland Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk – Changes in the public transport accessibility of the Kłodzko Land in relation to its tourist functions – selected issues Paulina Bździuch, Marek Bogacki – […]

Nr 3/2017 r.

Abstract 3/2017 Table of content Urszula Duda-Wiertel – Parking research with the use of video recording Andrzej Hanusik – Characteristics of transport congestion in Katowice Jakub Zawieska – Inhabitants of Warsaw mobility preferences and behavior in the context of socio-economic transformations between 1993-2015 Maciej Kruszyna – Development of tram network in Poland as a background to the Wrocław Tram […]

Nr 2/2017 r.

Abstract 2/2017 Table of content Maciej Michnej, Tomasz Zwoliński – Parking management as proven strategies for energy-efficient urban transport under the PUSH&PULL Project Mateusz Pietruch – Analysis of the use parking spaces in Cracow’s parking paid zone  Maciej Górz –  Metrobus. Latin system versus Polish reality Lidia Zielińska – Analysis of legitimacy of countdown timers […]

Nr 1/2017 r.

Abstract 1/2017 Table of content Krzysztof Grzelec, Mateusz Miloch – Modeling of multimodal urban public transport trips Ewa Kusio – Intelligent support for operational traffic management Tomasz Magiera, Kaja Wójcik, Paweł Kułaga –Rope transport ground systems supporting urban public transport – historical solutions Sławomir Książek – Passenger rail connections in the Lower Silesia after 1989 – a spatial […]

Nr 12/2016 r.

Abstract 12/2016 Table of content Sylwia Pogodzińska – Selected issues of cyclists safety Piotr Buczek –Influence of noise on the loss of property value for selected residential settlements in Cracow Anna Mikulska, Wiesław Starowicz – Method for determining the annual number of passengers in public transport in Cracow based on the number of tickets sold Aleksandra […]

Nr 11/2016 r.

Abstract 11/2016 Table of content Jan Kempa, Damian Iwanowicz – General evaluation and development concept of passenger information system in the regional transport of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship Wojciech Bąkowski – Methodology for determining household demand for public transport services Elżbieta Pilecka – Geological conditions of the subway construction in Cracow and possibilities of application geophysical methods for their […]

Nr 10/2016 r.

Abstract 10/2016 Table of content Marianna Jacyna, Mariusz Wasiak,  Piotr Gołębiowski –Model of bicycle traffic in the Warsaw travel household survey 2015 Jacek Malasek – Research priorities and innovations in transport sector Michał Beim, Andrzej Soczówka – The development of regional cross-border rail connections in Poland Tomasz Kulpa, Sonia Kulas – Performance of bicycle contraflow […]

Nr 9/2016 r.

Abstract 9/2016 Table of content Marek Buda, Tomasz Folwarski, Tomasz Krukowicz – Problems of countdown timers use for traffic lights Radosław Bul –Poznań Metropolitan Railway as a response to spatial and demographic changes occurring in the area of Poznań and its suburban zone Katarzyna Nosal, Alicja Pawłowska –Changes in the approach to the urban sustainable […]

Nr 8/2016 r.

Abstract 8/2016 Table of content Krystian Siwek – Selected issues of demand modeling in the Great Britain Anna Górka – Characteristics of selected software for traffic simulations Rafał Kucharski, Arkadiusz Drabicki, Andrzej Szarata – Modeling junction impedance in the macroscopic static traffic flow models – practical approach Rafał Kucharski, Tomasz Kulpa, Andrzej Szarata – Transport […]

Nr 7/2016 r.

Abstract 7/2016 Table of content Alexander Rossolov – Demand modelling for public transport service based on variation of needs in travel (articl in English) Balázs Horváth, Viktor Nagy – Zone estimation with cluster analysis of public transport stops (articl in English) Renata Żochowska, Aleksander Sobota, Grzegorz Karoń – Models of trip generation in urban area […]

Nr 6/2016 r.

Abstract 6/2016 Table of content Andrzej Krych –  Motorized man in a modal-split Piotr Sawicki, Przemysław Kupka – Tram depot location in the public transport system – application of decision support methods Mariusz Dudek – Analysis of variability of private cars occupancy on the inlet road to the big city on the example of west side of […]

Nr 5/2016 r.

Abstract 5/2016 Table of content Kazimierz Jamroz, Jacek Oskarbski, Marcin Zawisza, Michał Miszewski, Karol Żarski –  Traveler Information System in the Tricity traffic management Jacek Oskarbski, Krystian Birr , Michał Miszewski, Karol Żarski – Average speed of public transport vehicles estimation based on data from traffic control system Piotr Kisielewski – Modern design and integration […]

Nr 4/2016 r.

Abstract 4/2016 Table of content Wojciech Tworek – Organization of regional road public transport on the basis of voivodship’ plans of sustainable development of regional public transport Anna Zalewska – Influence of the EU funds on the development of public transport in Lublin Joanna Baran, Kamil Palica – Organization  and the quality of public transport services in Turkey on […]

Nr 3/2016 r.

Abstract 3/2016 Table of content Michał Beim – Best practices in the transport of bicycles by regional railways Anna Zalewska – Changes in the private carriers market in urban transport in Lublin Sławomir Goliszek, Marcin Połom – Comparison of accessibility of public transport in provincial centers of Eastern Poland at the end of the EU perspective […]

Nr 2/2016 r.

Abstract 2/2016 Table of content Katarzyna Nosal – The rules for creating mobility plans for facilities and areas generating large traffic flows Sławomir Goliszek – Changes in the accessibility of public transport in Kielce – study on the impact of funds of the EU financial perspective 2014-2020 Czesław Wolek – Analysis of the tram’s speed […]

Nr 1/2016 r.

 Abstract 1/2016 Table of content Aleksandra Ciastoń-Ciulkin –New culture of mobility – substance and definition Marcin Krzymuski –Legal character of transportation plan Wojciech Jurkowski,  Mateusz Smolarski –Organization and spatial aspects of private bus transport operating in Wałbrzych Tomasz Kulpa, Krystian Banet, Sylwia Rogala –Development of travel model using GIS database Andrzej Krych – Władysław Folkierski  against […]

Nr 12/2015 r.

 Abstract 12/2015 Table of content Maciej Kruszyna – The proposal of introduction of an underground sections in the Wroclaw’s public transport Marcin Gromadzki, Krzysztof Grzelec – Standards of technical equipment in public transport – conditions and perspectives of application Jakub Zawieska, Krzysztof Skotak – Sustainable transport policies in Polish cities in the context of air quality and emissions from […]

Nr 11/2015 r.

Abstract 11/2015 Table of content Jakub Zawieska, Krzysztof Skotak – Sustainable transport policies in Polish cities in the context of air quality and emissions from transport sector part I Michał Beim, Torsten Perner, Joanna Arnold – Research on the transport preferences of passengers using railway connection Berlin – Angermünde – Szczecin Tomasz Dybicz, Andrzej Brzeziński, Magdalena […]

Nr 10/2015 r.

 Abstract 10/2015 Table of content Sławomir Goliszek,  Marcin Połom – Vehicle policy of the trolleybus transport companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the years 2004-2014 Szymon Wiśniewski – Transshipment port in the Functional Urban Area of Zduńska Wola – Karsznice as an example of multi-modal transport hub Sławomir Książek – The infrastructure associated […]

Nr 9/2015 r.

Abstract 9/2015   Table of content Iwona Żygowska, Piotr Czech, Szczepan Gapiński, Adam Łosiński, Kinga Smolibowska, Agnieszka Templin – Analysis and evaluation of progress in the implementation of a road tunnel under the Martwa Wisła river in Gdańsk, Poland Mieczysław Szczepański,  Stanisław Pęski,  Grzegorz Miros – Issues on designing subway on the example of Warsaw […]

Nr 8/2015 r.

Abstract 8/2015 Table of content Angelika Łastowska, Bryniarska Zofia – Assessment of self – service urban bike rental system in Cracow Malwina Spławińska – Characteristics of traffic flow variability on the provincial roads Irena Fryc – Analysis of the impact of bicycle lighting on road safety Jędrzej Gadziński – BRT systems – a chance to […]

Nr 7/2015 r.

Abstract 7/2015 Table of content Jarosław Petrus – Subway in Warsaw – 20 years of operation for the city and its residents Krzysztof Stypuła, Krzysztof Kozioł –Experience from Warsaw’s subway in the reference  to the protection of buildings and people in buildings against vibrations Wojciech Grodecki, Anna Siemińska-Lewandowska – Methods of constructing of metro tunnels […]

Nr 6/2015 r.

Abstract 6/2015 Table of content15 Wojciech Bąkowski – Methodology of determination of public transport services supply in the city Leszek Kornalewski,  Jacek Malasek – Efficiency analyse for  urban travel behaviours improvement methods Maciej Michnej,  Tomasz Zwoliński – Institutional cooperation and citizen’s involvement as an element of sustainable urban mobility planning Kędzior Rafał,  Bryniarska Zofia – […]

Nr 5/2015 r.

Abstract 5/2015 Table of content Andrzej Szarata – The results of travel survey in Cracow – Complex Traffic Survey (CTS) 2013 Tomasz  Dybicz – Bottleneck identification with use of floating car data (FCD) Maciej Helbin, Marcin Wołek, Olgierd Wyszomirski – Conditions of representativeness of the marketing research on travel preferences and behavior of inhabitants on […]

Nr 4/2015 r.

Abstract 4/2015 Table of content Kazimierz Jamroz, Lech Michalski – Transport in researches and education in Gdańsk University of Technology Kazimierz Jamroz, Jan Kempa, Judyta Rychlewska, Tomasz Mackun – Method for determining area of good visibility at pedestrian crossing in Poland Kazimierz Jamroz, Wojciech Kustra, Anna Gobis, Daniel Gajewski – Risk management method on the […]

Nr 3/2015 r.

Abstract 3/2015 Table of content Krzysztof Grzelec – Transport preferences and behavior of inhabitants in cities on the edge of agglomeration in the shaping of public transport services Grzegorz Gudzbeler, Andrzej Urban, Alicja Bortkiewicz, Mariusz Dąbrowski – Influence of driving right hand drive vehicles on road traffic safety in Poland Adam Sikora, Daniel Wojtkowiak, Filip […]

Nr 2/2015 r.

Abstract 2/2015 Table of content Aleksandra Romanowska,Kazimierz Jamroz – Largeshopping centers – usual traffic generators or sources of transport problems? Urszula Duda – Functional analysis of kiss and ride zone at the Main Bus Station in Cracow Andrzej Chyba, Wiesław Starowicz – Punctuality of vehicles of the MPK S.A. in Cracow operating as urban collective […]

Nr 1/2015 r.

Abstract 1/2015 Table of content Urszula Duda – Overview of kiss and ride zones signs  in selected countries Irena Fryc, Adam Więcko – The impact of bicycle lighting on road safety Artur Budzowski – Problem of Cracow’s International Railway Connections  in the Context of the Plan of Sustainable Development of the Public Transport Aleksandra Ciastoń-Ciulkin […]

Nr 12/2014 r.

Abstract 12/2014 Table of content Bryniarska Zofia, Puławska Sabina – Transport accessibility of suburban zone of Krakow Mateusz Szarata – Selected  approaches for modeling dynamic bus lane Katarzyna Nosal – Selected results of the survey on the travel behaviours and preferences of the Wroclaw Municipality employees and customers, carried out for the mobility plan implementation […]

Nr 11/2014 r.

Abstract 11/2014   Table of content Janusz Chodur – Flow allocation to lanes in lane groups at signalized intersections Tomasz Szczuraszek, Marcin Karwasz –Analysis of selected characteristics of paid parking zone in relation to implementation of the ITS in Bydgoszcz city centre Sławomir Goliszek –The accessibility  of public collective transport in Białystok –  impact of […]

Nr 10/2014 r.

Abstract 10/2014   Table of content Stanisław Majer – 135 years of trams in Szczecin Krystian Pietrzak – Szczecin Metropolitan Railway as an axis of public transport of the Szczecin Metropolitan Area Sebastian Jan Sołowij – Szczecin city bike as a function of complementary transport Anna Wiktorowska-Jasik – Analysis of selected elements  of Szczecin logistics […]

Nr 9/2014 r.

Abstract 9/2014 Table of content Andrzej Brzeziński,  Karolina Jesionkiewicz-Niedzińska – Bicycle as an alternative to car combined trips based on the example of the Warsaw agglomeration Łukasz Kowalski, Andrzej Miłosz, Barbara Peek – Mapping and analysis of problem’s spots from cyclists’ perspective in Cracow Sławomir Goliszek – Changes in the availability of collective transport in […]

Nr 8/2014 r.

Abstract 8/2014 Table of content Andrzej Krych – The intervention logic in engineering projects Kazimierz Jamroz, Krystian Birr, Sławomir Grulkowski, Krzysztof Kalkowski,  Tomasz Budziszewski – Analysis of the possibility of increasing the share of public transport in the provincial passenger travels on the example of the Pomerania region Maciej Kruszyna – Challenges for „Mobility Policies” […]

Nr 7/2014 r.

Abstract 7/2014   Table of content Krzysztof Grzelec, Olgierd Wyszomirski – Authority of regional transport as an organizer of passenger transport in the voivodeship Michał Beim – Transport preferences of the regions of Kujawy and Pomorze inhabitants Sławomir Goliszek, Mariusz Rogalski – Spatial-temporary changes of accessibility to public transport in Rzeszów in the light of […]

Nr 6/2014 r.

Abstract 6/2014   Table of content Piotr Olszewski, Halina Krukowska, Piotr Krukowski – Assessment methodology for public transport interchanges Sławomir Książek – Spatial implications of bus transport deregulation on the example  of the Świdnica poviat Aleksandra Ciastoń-Ciulkin, Wiesław Starowicz – Influence of financial instruments referring to paid parking zone to  the sustainaible mobility of employees […]

Nr 5/2014 r.

Abstract 5/2014   Table of content Wojciech Dinges, Damian Bzdyrek – Selected aspects of the public road transport in the Silesian Voivodeship in the light of researches Michał Beim – Research on passenger satisfaction in the Arriva RP trains Daniel Kaszubowski, Piotr Meller – Measures for improvement of bus public transport system in Lębork Grzegorz […]

Nr 4/2014 r.

Abstract 4/2014   Table of content Olgierd Wyszomirski – The sustainable development of urban public transport on the example of Gdynia Hebel Katarzyna – Changes in transport preferences and behavior of the inhabitants of Gdynia between 1996 and 2013 Krzysztof Grzelec – Research of the demand volume and structure as a base of public transport […]

Nr 3/2014 r.

Abstract 3/2014   Table of content Wojciech Bąkowski – Methodology of research on market segments influence on the public transport demand – frame model Aleksandra Ciastoń-Ciulkin, Katarzyna Nosal – Hierarchization of criterions on choice of the transport mode on the example of Cracow Michał Wolański, Bartosz Jakubowski – Method and design of an Integrated-Hierarchical Information […]

Nr 2/2014 r.

Abstract 2/2014   Table of content Jacek Malasek, Leszek Kornalewski – Autonomic road transport support systems Paweł Dydyszko – Conditions of bicycles carriage  on trains Piotr Renkiel – The applicability of multi-agent systems in transport Maciej Michnej, Tomasz Zwoliński – Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning – SUMP under the assumptions of the CHALLENGE Project Krzysztof Gradkowski […]

Nr 1/2014 r.

Abstract 1/2014   Table of content Tomasz Dybicz – Capacity experimental determination of a merging section from two lanes to one lane on a multilane highway Wacław Oleksy, Tomasz Rokita – Safety of travelators for passengers transport in ski resorts Piotr Cupryjak, Mariusz Wasiak – Constituantes of models for public transport master plans – german […]

Nr 12/2013 r.

Abstract  12/2013   Table of content Jeremi Rychlewski, Andrzej Krych – The Buchanan report 50 years on Marcin Glicz, Kazimierz Jamroz, Tomasz Mackun – Current legal status of advertisement boards seen from roads and recommendations for change Paweł Kossakowski – Bus shelters in Polish public transport –  design and construction issues Elżbieta Macioszek – Road […]

Nr 11/2013 r.

Abstract  11/2013   Table of content Marek Bauer – Normative bus velocities on separated bus lanes Artur Dziuba, Waldemar Parkitny – Quality perceived by passengers of trains connecting Kraków Główny and Częstochowa Wojciech Gawęda – Transportation System of Vientiane as an example of transportation system of the medium size Southeast Asian city Paweł Kossakowski – […]

Nr 10/2013 r.

Abstract 10/2013   Table of content Maciej Szymczak – In anticipation of autonomous cars. Will they meet drivers’ expectations and how will they affect cities? Kazimierz Jamroz, Lech Michalski, Jacek Oskarbski – Road safety management in cities Andrzej Szarata – Development of simulation model of the Małopolska region – the demand model Tomasz Kulpa – […]

Nr 9/2013 r.

Abstract 9/2013 Table of content Katarzyna Goch, Jacek Malasek – EuroVelo. The European cycle route network in Poland Wit Hubert, Łukasz Kowalski – Survey as an element of community involvement in the municipal bicycle’s policy Tomasz Napierała, Maciej Adamiak, Szymon Wiśniewski – Regional transport network as a determinant of the location of logistics centres in […]

Nr 8/2013 r.

Abstract 8/2013 Table of content Andrzej Brzeziński, Karolina Jesionkiewicz-Niedzińska, Agnieszka Rogala – The advantages and disadvantages of “Park and ride” system on the example of the Warsaw agglomeration Sławomir Czerwiński – Park and ride system in Wrocław – an example with the car park city stadium Igor Gisterek – Alternative mean of metropolitan transportation for […]

Nr 7/2013 r.

Abstract 7/2013 Table of content Marek Bauer –Comparison of measures of running time of public transport vehicles Jacek Szołtysek – Seniors’ friendly cities – problem identification Marcin Wołek – Promotion of trolleybus transport in the light of case study analysis of Gdynia and Salzburg Tomasz Rokita, Wacław Oleksy, Marian Wójcik – Cable railways in urban […]

Nr 6/2013 r.

Abstract 6/2013  Table of content  Łukasz Gryga,  Michał Wojtaszek, Grzegorz Firlejczyk – Urban traffic control system and public transport priority in Cracow Michał Wojtaszek, Łukasz Gryga – Monitoring cameras for traffic restricted area and separated bus’ lanes in Cracow Piotr Dera – Public transport priorities  with special regard for shared tram-bus lanes in Cracow Piotr Hamarnik – Reliable information as a basis for […]

Nr 5/2013 r.

Abstract 5/2013  Table of content  Olgierd Wyszomirski – Trolleybus transport functioning in the Trolley Project partnership cities Elzbieta Załoga, Zuzanna Kłos-Adamkiewicz – Value of services for passengers in the light of research in regional transport Lidia Żakowska – Perception  of the transport space as determinants of the safety in the sustainable road transport concept in Europe Maciej Florczak […]

Nr 4/2013 r.

Abstract 4/2013  Table of content  Krzysztof Grzelec – Free public urban transport – goals and conditions of its implementation and operating Tomasz Rokita – The problem of bicycle transportation by ropeways Alina Giedryś,  Jan Raczyński, Jacek Wesołowski – Łódź Agglomeration Railway and perspectives of its development Maria Zych – Requested Stops System in Warsaw  – examination of unwarranted bus […]

Nr 3/2013 r.

Abstract 3/2013 Table of content: Rymsza Barbara, Stanisław W. Gawroński, Helena Gawrońska – Phytoremediation – chance for friendly environment around roads and streets Beata Wieteska-Rosiak – Sustainable transport in international companies  Bożena Grad, Ewa Ferensztajn-Galardos, Renata Krajewska – Innovative solutions for urban public transport on the example of the city of Radom Waldemar Parkitny – Analysis of parameters of car parks realized by […]

Nr 2/2013 r.

Abstract 2/2013 Table of content: Grzegorz Krawczyk – Strategicmanagementof public transportdevelopmentin Poland Radosław Bul – The tunnels Atocha – Chamartin as a basic element of high-speed rail network in Spain and Madrid’s commuter rail Henryk Karbowiak, Andrzej J. Zajączkowski – 150th anniversary of tube in the world and 18th anniversary of tube in Warsaw Marek Bauer – Disruptions in […]

Nr 1/2013 r.

Abstract 1/2013   Magdalena Wyszomirska-Góra Psychological determinants influencing everyday means of transport choices Abstract. The continuous growth of car usage in everyday city journeys constitutes a significant threat to the natural environment and hinders the realization of agglomerations’ sustainable development plans. To understand reasons which make people prefer to use cars instead of public transport […]

Nr 12/2012 r.

Abstract 12/2012   Michał Wolański Alternative methods of public transport quality attributes’ prioritisation and results of their application in Polish cities The paper presents results of two research projects, aiming to prioritise quality attributes of urban public transport. The first  project aims to compare the classic approach (i.e. direct assessment of the importance by passengers) […]

Nr 11/2012 r.

Abstract 11/2012   Andrzej Rudnicki Przydatność syntetycznego wskaźnika oceny jakości transportu zbiorowego w mieście średniej wielkości The article presents the so-called “Equivalent average passenger travel time” as a proposal for a synthetic measure of quality assessment of public transport operation as applied to medium-sized   towns. The importance of quality public transport services in relation to the […]

Nr 10/2012 r.

Abstract 10/2012   Marek Motylewicz, Władysław Gardziejczyk The tests and assessment of traffic conditions at the signalized roundabouts in Bialystok The article presents the assessment of traffic conditions at seven signalized roundabouts located in the region of the city of Bialystok. The analysis was based on the results of road traffic and pedestrian monitoring where […]

Nr 9/2012 r.

Abstract 9/2012   Marek Bauer , Mariusz Szałkowski Proposals for changing of urban public transport lines in Krakow Outline for proposal of changes in public transport lines network in Cracow, worked out by the team of researchers from the Association of Transport Engineers and Technicians, Cracow Branch  and Cracow University of Technology has been presented […]

Nr 8/2012 r.

Abstract 8/2012   Olgierd Wyszomirski Twenty years of functioning of Urban  Public Transport  Authority (ZKM) in Gdynia Urban Public Transport Authority in Gdynia (ZKM) is an administrative unit of Gdynia’s municipality which organizes services of public transport in Gdynia and six neighboring municipalities. Three stages can be distinguished during the period of twenty years of […]

Nr 7/2012 r.

Abstract 7/2012   Zofia Bryniarska Exploitation of collective public transport stops in Krakow The attractiveness of public transport network in urban areas depends not only on number of bus and tram routes and courses in this area but on the accessibility of public transport stops as well. The passengers make a choice of transport mode […]

Nr 6/2012 r.

Abstract 6/2012 Hubert Kołodziejski, Olgierd Wyszomirski Management of security and safety in urban transport from the point of view of the public transport organizer Safety and security issues in urban transport should be treated as a priority. The municipality and in particular the organizer acting on its behalf is responsible for ensuring safety. The concern […]

Nr 5/2012 r.

Abstract 5/2012   Janusz Chodur, Krzysztof Ostrowski Characterisation of traffic flow during the initial phase of the green signal at signalised intersections The study aimed to model the process of decongesting a departure queue and vehicles’ entry to an intersection during the initial phase of the green signal with a view to identifying specific features […]

Nr 4/2012 r.

Abstract 4/2012   Richard E Allsop Zeus findings on road safety in the context of EU policy and the UN decade of action 2011-2020 The central objective of the ZEUS programme has been to develop and promote an integrated system of transport safety for Poland.   But from the outset this work was seen in an […]

Nr 3/2012 r.

Abstract 3/2012   Review on the solutions concerning parking policy in the European cities Review on the solutions adjusting parking systems in cities to standards for sustainable development. Parking policy of the city of Krakow. Examples of more than thirty European cities from more than twenty countries. Key words:  parking policy, car parks, sustainable development, […]

Nr 2/2012 r.

Abstract 2/2012   Integrated railroad hubs at small railway stations and stops Function of transport hubs in public collective transport. Interchanges at small railway stations  and stops. Lay out of bus bays. Key words:  urban transport, public transport, transport hub (transport interchange)   Exploitation of bus network stops in Krakow Characteristics of bus network system. […]

Nr 1/2012 r.

Abstract 1/2012 Determining transport districts centres of gravitation for modelling of the traffic Setting centre of gravitation of transport district for traffic modelling in cities. Proposed modifications of procedures of analytic method of determining transport districts centres of gravitation. Setting transport districts centres of gravitation with use of the GPS and GSM networks. Key words: […]

Nr 12/2011 r.

Abstract 12/2011   Kazimierz Jamroz Problems of estimation of losses and casualties in road accidents in Poland Review and analysis of losses in road accidents and collisions: road crash victims, material losses, environmental damages, financial losses. Categorization of injures in road traffic accidents as of scales AIS, MAIS i CABCO. Key words:  safety in transport, […]

Nr 11/2011 r.

Abstract 11/2011   Ryszard Janecki Development of railway regional transport system in Górny Śląsk agglomeration through interbranch integration Essentials for public transport integration in the agglomeration. Organiser of railway regional transport as  an entity of interbranch integration of transport in Górny Śląsk agglomeration. Organisational aspects of interbranch transport integration of  Górny Śląsk agglomeration. Key words: […]

Nr 10/2011 r.

Abstract 10/2011   Ryszard Janecki, Stanisław Krawiec Concept of raising of railway regional carriages status in the services of the Górny Śląsk agglomeration Railway transport in agglomerations as a stimulus for sustainable mobility. Possibilities offered by the system of railway transport in the Górny Śląsk agglomeration. Increase of significance of railway transport in the services […]

Nr 9/2011 r.

Abstract 9/2011   RYSZARD JANECKI, STANISŁAW KRAWIEC Marginalization of railway regional carrieges in the transport services needs of the górnośląska agglomeration Diagnosis of the situation of railway regional transport in the Górnośląska Agglomeration. Marginalization of the importance of regional, railway transport – infrastructure of regional railway transport, rolling stock, organization of transport system. Key words: […]

Nr 7-8/2011 r.

Abstract 7-8 /2011   IRENEUSZ CELIŃSKI, GRZEGORZ SIERPIŃSKI Two-stage traffic model on the base of the GSM network Concept of new approach to traffic modelling in cities. Method of gathering data from GSM network. Procedures of  traffic spacing at the roads network and data analysis. Key words:  road traffic in cities, traffic engineering, models of […]

Nr 6/2011 r.

Abstract 6/2011   Michał Beim, Paweł Wiśniewski Pilot researches on the bicycle traffic in Toruń Goals and methodology of researches. Bicycle traffic in comparison to other traffics. Bikers’ demographic structure. Key words:  urban traffic, bicycle traffic.   Katarzyna Sienkiewicz-Małyjurek, Maciej Szymczak Results of researches on information sources concerning public transport in the city Information services […]

Nr 5/2011 r.

Abstract 5/2011   Szczuraszek Tomasz POOR ROAD TRAFFIC SAFETY IN POLISH CITIES – APPROVAL OR CHALLENGE? Analysis of the reasons of poor safety of the road traffic in Polish cities. Factors and occurrences influencing road traffic safety. Key words: traffic engineering, road traffic safety   Wyszomirski  Olgierd AGREEMENT BETWEEN COMMUNITIES (MUNICIPALITIES) AS A TOOL TO  […]

Nr 4/2011 r.

Abstract 4/2011   Wojciech Bąkowski MEANING OF THE INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL IN THE MANAGEMENT OF REGIONAL PUBLIC TRANSPORT Structure of the intellectual capital as an element of intangible assets of the organisation-enterprise. Tasks of intellectual capital in the business activity of the transport organiser . Role of the human, social and organisational capitals in the structure […]

Nr 3/2011 r.

Abstract 3/2011   Daniel Gajewski,  Andrzej Szarata Database on the fluctuation of the traffic volume in Warsaw Characteristics of the database of the traffic volume measurement with special regard to vehicle composition, vehicle speed and measurement period. Analysis tools, aimed on detection and elimination of measurement errors. Marking out the reliable traffic level during morning […]

Nr 2/2011 r.

Abstract 2/2011   Radosław Bąk Analysis of bus stops capacity Aims of analysis of stops’ capacity. Criteria of planned capacity of stops. Proposal of  modernisation of stop capacity defining method. Examples of bus stop capacity counts. Key words: transport infrastructure, infrastructure of collective transport, stop, stop capacity   Michał Beim Railway transport as an element […]

Nr 1/2011 r.

Abstract 1/2011   Jakub Bojczuk EXAMPLES OF IMPLEMENTATION OF TRAVEL PLANS IN LONDON Different forms of travel plans in London. Examples of voluntary  travel plans. Groups of travel plans. Future of travel plans in London. Key words: urban traffic, mobility, sustainable development of transport, mobility plan   Andrzej Brzeziński SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF TRANSPORT SYSTEMS IN […]

Nr 1/2005 r.

Abstracts 1/2005   Anna Bartczak, Tomasz Żylicz Dilemma of transport development in the light of Lisbon Strategy Problem of transport development in Poland in the light of Lisbon Strategy that directs development of European Union in the first decade of 21 century has been considered in the paper. Against a background of common transport policy […]

Nr 12/2004 r.

Abstracts 12/2004   Tadeusz Dyr, Artur Pastuszka Regional transport management in soma European countries Experiences in the field of regionalisation of passengers’ public transport in several European countries – Sweden, France, Germany, Great Britain. Wide range of solutions in organisation and finance for regional transport. Role of public service tasks in regional passenger transport. Key […]

Nr 11/2004 r.

Abstracts 11/2004   RYSZARD JANECKI Formation of public passenger transport system of the regional range – the new approach Regionalisation of the public passenger transport . External and internal factors of the crisis within the regional passenger transport. Possible scenarios of the regional transport development. The decentralisation of regulating functions in shaping of the transportation […]

Nr 5/2004 r.

Abstracts 5/2004   WIESŁAW STAROWICZ Local authorities tasks in the field of public transport EU basic regulations in the field of public transport. Significance of these rules for Poland. Legal basis for local and regional transport management at particular levels of authority. New orders projects. Conditions for new rules implementation in Polish cities and regions. […]

Nr 4/2004 r.

Abstracts 4/2004   Ryszard Janecki Regional airports accessibility in Poland. State of art and perspectives up to 2015-2021 Passenger transport services at regional airports. Regional airports accessibility. Airport transport systems characteristic. Transport infra-structure development at airport surrounding areas and modern transport service solutions. Key words: regional airports, accessibility, passenger transport services   Adam Fularz Competition […]

Nr 3/2004 r.

Abstracts 3/2004 From Publisher and Chief Editor   Wiesław Starowicz, Ryszard Janecki Regional public transport integration Regional transport services formation, service integration, as well as extent and formal functions of transport executive units in the region. Examples related to Małopolska region. Key words: public transport, regional transport, integration   Stefan Sarna Transport systems against the […]

Nr 1/2004 r.

Abstracts 1/2004   Marian Tracz, Krzysztof Ostrowski Capacity of signal-controlled intersections with separate traffic lanes for left turns Capacity investigations of traffic lanes with restrictive left turn protection. Results of traffic volume surveys, capacity estimation methods related to such traffic lanes and the comparison of these methods. Impact of different factors (such as: split) on […]

Nr 12/2003 r.

Abstract (12/03)   Maciej Kruszyna, Marek Wierzbicki Public transport integration assumptions for Wrocław agglomeration Integration objective and area. Present situation of public transport in Wrocław agglomeration. Integration idea related to the PT network, timetables and unified monthly travel cards. Co-operation principles between Public Transport Executive and the operators. Bogusław Molecki, Oliver Morel Conditions for transfers […]

Nr 11/2003 r.

Abstracts 11/03   Izabella Bruchal, Irena Cebula Priorities for public transport vehicles in Cracow downtown area. Applied solutions: separate lanes, integrated tram-bus stops Transport policy in the field of public transport system in Cracow. The idea of traffic management in Cracow downtown area. Applied solutions setting priority in traffic for public transport vehicles.   Andrzej […]

Nr 10/2003 r.

Abstract (10/03)   Bogusław Molecki, Marcin Sienkiel Feasibility analysis of night tramway transport replacement by bus transport in Wrocław The history and present state of night public transport in Wrocław. The comparison of bus and tramway operations during the night. Adaptation of stops along tramway route for bus operations.   Bogusław Molecki, Bartosz Mazur Night […]

Nr 9/2003 r.

Abstract (9/03)   Zbigniew Komar Practical questions in the field of traffic surveys and modelling resulted of road congestion The author justify thesis about the necessity of special approach do traffic surveys and forecasts, as well as to transport investments programming for city centres. He pays attention also on the question of properly planning and […]