Abstract (12/03)


Maciej Kruszyna, Marek Wierzbicki

Public transport integration assumptions for Wrocław agglomeration

Integration objective and area. Present situation of public transport in Wrocław agglomeration. Integration idea related to the PT network, timetables and unified monthly travel cards. Co-operation principles between Public Transport Executive and the operators.

Bogusław Molecki, Oliver Morel

Conditions for transfers in public transport system

Transfer management taking into consideration: interchange sites (stops), time (timetables) and operation issues (counteraction against public transport operation disturbances).


Arkadiusz Behnke, Maciej Kruszyna

The idea of tramway traffic acceleration along Legnicka Street in Wrocław

Presentation of current tramway operation conditions along Legnicka Street. Factors causing travel time excess. Offered solutions including (among the others): traffic signals progression, actuated traffic signals, stops relocations.


Anna Żak

The idea of Jaworzno bicycle network

Brief presentation of the city and existing bicycle routes. The idea of bicycle network in Jaworzno designed within the project „Along Śląsk by bicycle”. Public and bicycle transport integration.


Adam Kotuszewski

About Warsaw streets, roads and highroads

Taxes for street maintenance in the past Warsaw. Survey of Warsaw street pavements since XIV till 30′ of XX century.


Andrzej Brzeziński

Successful sustainable transport policy implementation in cities

The report of conference in Washington, organised by ECMT and US Department of Transportation, on transport policy implementation in cities.


Stefan Sarna

Monograph „III Millennium John Paul II bridge in Gdańsk”


Logistic centres in Mazowsze. Conference conclusions


Marcin Dziubiński

Planetobus – the example of private local routes in city

The example of initiative related to private bus routes linking residential area in Gdynia with Gdańsk-Oliwa railway station.


Debatable forum on transport policy for Warsaw

Annual list of the articles published in Urban transport monthly during 2003