Abstracts 11/2004



Formation of public passenger transport system of the regional range – the new approach

Regionalisation of the public passenger transport . External and internal factors of the crisis within the regional passenger transport. Possible scenarios of the regional transport development. The decentralisation of regulating functions in shaping of the transportation system in the region.

Key words: passenger transport, regionalisation, province



Reasons of road events

The structure of reasons of road events. Statistics of reasons of road events. Analyses of the road traffic safety for especially dangerous for pedestrian places. Errors in designing of crossings from the point of view of the road traffic safety.

Key words: road traffic safety road, road events



Reduction of results of congestion in cities by activities oriented on users of public transport

The role of the public transport in cities. Methods for elimination of the transport burdensomeness for inhabitants. Priorities for the public transport. Methods of affecting on public transport users.

Key words: public transport, congestion, town



The privilege for public transport vehicles at crossings with light signalling

Manners, facilities and methods for preference service of public transport vehicles at crossings with the light signalling. Results of the investigative project PRISCILLA. The AVL system of the tracing of vehicles. Examples of privileging public transport vehicles at several crossings with the light signalling in Cracow.

Key words: public transport, traffic priorities, light signalling



Organisation of road and pedestrian traffic while mass event

Legal bases for mass event organisation. Changes in the existing organisation for servicing the mass event. Changes in rules of traffic and parking in the area influenced by servicing the mass event. Rules for projecting of the supplementary organisation for mass event. Public transport performance in the region of planned mass event. Examples.

Key words: public transport, mass entertainment , traffic organisation.



Service quality in passenger public transport. Characterisation of new Polish standard (Part II)

The second part of characterisation of the Polish standard for the quality of services in the passenger transportation. Suggested tools of quality management: EFQM patterns, benchmarking, the partnership for the quality, cards of passenger rights.

Key words: public transport, quality, transport service, management



Combino tramway in Poznań

The characterisation of Public Transport Company activities in Poznań bringing to choice the Combino tram for Poznań. Basic performance characteristics of the Combino trams family in various European cities. Present issues connected with the tram exploitation.

Key words: passenger transport, tramway, Poznań