Abstracts 4/2004


Ryszard Janecki

Regional airports accessibility in Poland. State of art and perspectives up to 2015-2021

Passenger transport services at regional airports. Regional airports accessibility. Airport transport systems characteristic. Transport infra-structure development at airport surrounding areas and modern transport service solutions.

Key words: regional airports, accessibility, passenger transport services


Adam Fularz

Competition struggle on the bus services market in Great Britain

Evaluation of bus deregulation process initiated in 1985 in Great Britain.

Key words: deregulation, competition, bus services


St. Michał Czerniak, Beata Gajewska, Andrzej Świder

Poles and boxes on pedestrians way

Difficulties for pedestrians cased by some installations (such as poles, flower pots, chains, etc.), which have been applied for pedestrian movements ordering and facilitating, but are barriers and safety hazards.

Key words: pedestrian movements, traffic safety


Bogusław Molecki, Olaf Skrzymowski, Adam Molecki

Unification of traffic signals for public transport vehicles

The survey and analysis of solutions applied at signal controlled intersections. Unification proposals. Comparison of these proposal with solutions used in Germany and Czech Republic.

Key words: public transport, traffic signals


SITK presents

Andrzej Sambor

Research & Development projects in the field of urban transport funded by European Commission EU. Project CAPTURE

Cars to public transport in the urban environment.


III Debate: Transport vision of Castle area and Krakowskie Przedmieście route in Warsaw



Stefan Sarna

Municipal investments development program as a platform of EU aid for local authorities

Conference report.


Leszek Mikołajków

Waste material recycling – Italian technologies

Seminar report.


IV Debate: Urban rapid railway – when and which way?