Abstract 12/2011


Kazimierz Jamroz

Problems of estimation of losses and casualties in road accidents in Poland

Review and analysis of losses in road accidents and collisions: road crash victims, material losses, environmental damages, financial losses. Categorization of injures in road traffic accidents as of scales AIS, MAIS i CABCO.

Key words:  safety in transport, road accidents, road accidents deaths


Sabina Puławska, Wiesław Starowicz

Accessibility of urban public transport systems

Indexes of accessibility of line and point public transport infrastructure. Attempt  of estimation of analysed cities (Ostrów Wielkopolski, Gniezno, Tarnów, Piotrków Trybunalski, Lublin, Szczecin, Łódź, Krakow) as far as accessibility of public transport systems is concerned.

Key words:  urban public transport, collective public transport, transport accessibility


Jacek Malasek

Implementation packages of coordination of urban transport policy with spatial management

Characterisics of activities for implementation of integrated transport and spatial managements policy in cities. Packages of promotion of sustainable transport policy in cities and in the country as well as their implementation.

Key words:  sustainable transport, urban transport, transport policy


Adam Radzimski

Public collective transport and car sharing as an element of sustainable public transport in Copenhagen

Idea of sustainable urban transport. Sustainable urban transport  in Copenhagen. Organization of collective public transport. Rent-a-car services.

Key words:  sustainable transport, car sharing, urban public transport,  collective public transport


Zofia Bryniarska, Wiesław Starowicz

Exploitation of tram network stops in Krakow

Characteristics of tram network system. Spatial and demographic accessibility of tram network. Number of passengers getting on and off on the tram stops. Characteristics of the stop of higher number of passengers – Bagatela Theatre.

Key words:  passenger transport, collective public transport, tram transportation, public transport stop