Abstracts 11/03


Izabella Bruchal, Irena Cebula

Priorities for public transport vehicles in Cracow downtown area. Applied solutions: separate lanes, integrated tram-bus stops

Transport policy in the field of public transport system in Cracow. The idea of traffic management in Cracow downtown area. Applied solutions setting priority in traffic for public transport vehicles.


Andrzej Sambor
Bus lanes enforcement in London

Regulations related to separate bus lanes operation and the enforcement methods.


Mariusz Kaczmarek, Rafał Walkowiak

Adaptive traffic control on roundabouts

The new adaptive method of traffic control on roundabouts based on current traffic detection. Results of effectiveness investigations using the simulation model of Rataje Roundabout in Poznań.


Andrzej Brzeziński, Łukasz Szymański

he idea of bicycle network development in Mokotów borough

Presentation and evaluation of the present state of bicycle routes. Proposal of bicycle network development in Mokotów borough.


Wojciech Pieńkowski

Bicycles in suburban areas


Władysław Gardziejczyk

Traffic noise in street environment depending on pavement characteristics

Analysis of the state of bituminous pavement and traffic conditions impact on noise level in street environment. Investigation extent and methodology. Investigated street sections characteristics. Impact of local pavement damages and transit traffic on the noise level.


Wojciech Pieńkowski

Transport restraints in Żoliborz borough

Traffic restraints in Wilson Square area resulted of next – eighteenth already – underground station construction.


Jan Bogusławski

60 years of trolley-bus transport in Gdynia

Presentation of entertainment performed during the jubilee: scientific-technological conference, „Trolley-bus Week”, festivity for Gdynia inhabitatnts, equipment presentation.


Krzysztof Gaweł, Łukasz Boncela

I Public Transport Forum



Wojciech Pieńkowski

XVI Urban Road-men Meeting