Abstract 2/2012


Integrated railroad hubs at small railway stations and stops

Function of transport hubs in public collective transport. Interchanges at small railway stations  and stops. Lay out of bus bays.

Key words:  urban transport, public transport, transport hub (transport interchange)


Exploitation of bus network stops in Krakow

Characteristics of bus network system. Spatial and demographic accessibility of bus network. Number of passengers getting on and off on the tram stops.Characteristics of the stop of the highest number of passengers – Nowy Kleparz.

Key words:  passenger transport, collective public transport, bus transport, public transport stop


Pedestrian and bicycle traffic as the elements of sustainable urban transport system in Copenhagen

Characteristics of the city and bicycle traffic system. Bicycle policy of the city. Parking policy of the city. Calming of motor-vehicle traffic.

Key words:  sustainable transport, urban transport, pedestrian traffic, bicycle traffic


Development of tram infrastructure in Poznań as an element of investment program of the UEFA EURO 2012 host city

Tram network in Poznań – history, present condition and plans for development. Extension of tram network – extension of  the Poznań Fast Tram to the railway station, construction of  the line and tram depot in Franowo.

Key words:  collective public transport, tram transport, tram infrastructure


Separated bus lines as an implementation of public transport vehicles prioritization in the traffic

Types of  bus lanes. Advantages of separation of bus lanes. Conditions for application of separated bus lines. Recognized problems connected to functioning of separated bus lanes in Polish cities.

Key words:  urban transport, bus transport, priorities to collective public transport, separated bus lanes