Preparation articles for printing

„Urban and Regional Transport ” is a scientific-technological magazine on the list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, part B, published article is scored with 7 points. The magazine  publishes original articles devoted to operation of urban and regional transport systems. In particular it includes engineering, organization, planning, exploitation, management and safety issues. As far as branches are concerned it refers to the problems of various transport means: railway transport (tram and train), bus, trolleybus, bicycle and pedestrian. Collective transport is of particular scope of interest. Articles concerning environmental protection aspects in transport, geography, history and sociology of transport.

Expected article size is 10-15 pages (1800 characters per page). Submitted article should be written in Times New Roman 12 point. Formulas and their descriptions, tables, figures and photos with captions should be incorporated into the text. Separate numbering of tables, figures and photos should be applied, tables and pictures are expected in color. Tables should be editable.  In the articles references to the tables, figures and photos should be introduced. The SI system units should be used in the text and formulas. It is allowable to thicken and italicize of essential parts of the text but not to use underline. The title should be concise and refer to the content of the article.

References to the original documents (sources) should be described in footnotes or mark with numbers in the square brackets. Numbers should refer to the reference section at the end of the article. Positions of bibliography are to be listed not alphabetically but according to the appearance in the article.

Structure of the article: the Polish title, the English title, name and surname of the Author (Authors), university degree and title, affiliation (workplace); postal address, phone, email address, abstract and keywords (2 at minimum) in Polish and in English, the text of the article should be obligatory divided into parts with captions and literature. In the reference to the Polish title it is necessary to define percentage of Authors contribution in the publication.

The article should be provided with Polish and English abstracts of 200 words explaining reasons of undertaking the issue, description of the problem (approach, researches, simulation, data analysis, applied tools, successive steps in analysis process, factors, indexes etc.), results and conclusions.

Text of the article should be provided in the Microsoft Word and also in the PDF file format – if formulas and complicated tables are enclosed.