Abstracts 12/2004


Tadeusz Dyr, Artur Pastuszka

Regional transport management in soma European countries

Experiences in the field of regionalisation of passengers’ public transport in several European countries – Sweden, France, Germany, Great Britain. Wide range of solutions in organisation and finance for regional transport. Role of public service tasks in regional passenger transport.

Key words: public transport, regional transport, management


Halina Major, Marzena Nowakowska

Drivers behaviour patterns at crossings with light signalling in province town of medium size

The article closes the cycle concerning possibilities of road traffic safety analysis at crossings with light signalling. The two previous articles of that topic have been published in Urban Transport No 1 and 4 past year. The article bring forward driver behaviour patterns typical for common crossings with extended inlets and for sewered crossings.

Key words: road traffic safety, crossing, light signalling, driver


Remigiusz Wojtal

Designing for traffic signalling with sub-phase programme and capacity counting

General rules for traffic signalling with sub-phase programme by HCM-2000 method. Analysis for stating terms of the length of green signal for providing better traffic conditions. Examples of stating terms of the time length for counting of capacity for inlets with sub-phase.

Key words: traffic signalling, crossing, capacity, programming


Janusz Bohatkiewicz

Road traffic management – vision or necessary change of approach?

Management theory versus road traffic management. Conception of road traffic management taking into account the activities necessary for gaining effects in the field of road traffic safety, site planning of road surroundings, proper level of road and environment maintenance.

Key words: management, road traffic, traffic engineering


Bartosz Mazur

Ticket-tariff integration of passenger public transport – some examples of bipolar physical lay-out

Comparative analysis of tariff-ticket integration systems for passenger public transport operating in specific spatial surrounding like bipolar lay-outs. Polish and Czech examples of tariff integration in practice. Integration as public transport competitiveness factor.

Key words: passenger public transport, transport integrity


Adam Molecki

Method for determining status of stops in urban public transport

The necessity of flag stops existence in transport network of towns. Method for determining the status of flag stops. The counting example for determining the stop status at tram network of Dąbrowa Basin.

Key words: public transport, stop, tram network


Lidia Żakowska, Monika Kubiak

Mobility conditions of seniors in Europe – stage of knowledge recapitulation basing on research project SIZE

Glossary of SIZE project “Quality of seniors’ life in accordance to their mobility condition”. Methodology of senior mobility investigation. Result of research in several European countries – factors affecting mobility, coping with senior age constrains, tools for mobility improvement.

Key words: SIZE, mobility, senior


Michał Waloński

Enlargement of public transport contribution in fulfilment of optional transportation needs

Role of optional transportation needs in high developed countries. Solutions in marketing-mix (product, price, distribution, promotion) allowing to attract public transport offer in fulfilling optional transportation needs. The considerations are limited to urban and regional transport.

Key words: public transport, transportation needs, optional transportation needs


Golonka Jerzy

Urban vehicle MOBILO

Conceptive project of urban vehicle MOBILO executed as team master thesis an the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Cracow University of Technology. Idea, functionality and technology of vehicle realisation.

Key words: town, vehicle, urban transport, MOBILO