Abstract 9/2011



Marginalization of railway regional carrieges in the transport services needs of the górnośląska agglomeration

Diagnosis of the situation of railway regional transport in the Górnośląska Agglomeration. Marginalization of the importance of regional, railway transport – infrastructure of regional railway transport, rolling stock, organization of transport system.

Key words: railway transport,passenger transport, regional transport, carriages of passengers



Bicycle policy in Munich

Bicycle infrastructure in the city. Parking of bikes. Public bicycles. Infrastructure of bike tourism. Bicycle traffic safety. Bicycle paths standards. Public consultations of activities for bicycle traffic.

Key words:  transport policy, bicycle policy, public participation, bicycle infrastructure, bicycle traffic.



Function of the passenger information in the urban public transport

Review of information techniques supporting public transport journeys. Functionality of journey planners’ tools. Function of real time information and methods of providing passenger with personalized information. Integration of information systems and standardization of interfaces for data exchange.

Key words:  urban transport, public transport, passenger transport, passenger information, planning of the journey.