Abstract 3/2011


Daniel Gajewski,  Andrzej Szarata

Database on the fluctuation of the traffic volume in Warsaw

Characteristics of the database of the traffic volume measurement with special regard to vehicle composition, vehicle speed and measurement period. Analysis tools, aimed on detection and elimination of measurement errors. Marking out the reliable traffic level during morning peak period.

Key words: traffic measuring, measurement error, reliable traffic


Dagmara Chylińska, Gerard Kosmala

Tourist functions of the public transport in Wrocław (issues outline)

Modes of transport as tourist attractions and other tourist functions of urban public transport in Wrocław. Development of public transport tourist function in Wrocław with reference to other cities.

Key words: urban transport, modes of transport, tourist attraction, tourist function, Wrocław.


Justyna Staszak-Winkler

„Mummy, daddy – I go for ecotransport” – promotion of the trolleybus transport in Gdynia

Development of proecological public transport in the Tricity Metropolitan Area. Experiences of ZKM in Gdynia in the scope of the promotion of trolleybus transport through big campaign co-financed from the European sources, entitled „Mummy, daddy – I go for ecotransport”. Characteristics of educational-informative courses for children.

Key words: urban transport, public transport, trolleybus transport, ecological education, promotion


Bartosz Majewski

Integration of transfers in bus’ and tram’s transport on the example of plans for rebuilding of the Ogrody and Żeromski junction in Poznań

Concepts of integrated transfer junction Ogrody and project of rebuilding of Żeromski junction in Poznań. Expectations of passengers and requirements in the scope of quality of transport system (transfers convenience and proper organisation of transer junction).

Key words: urban transport, public transport, quality of transport, transfers


Włodzimierz Czyczuła, Aleksandra Pawlak, Piotr Rauch

Researches on choosing the mode transport in journeys between Kraków and the International Airport Kraków Balice

Characteristics of travelers of the International Airport Kraków Balice against general trends of the air transport. Description of travel connections between centre of Kraków and Kraków Airport. Results of research and analysis of preferences passengers in the Kraków Balice airport.

Key words: urban transport, public transport, airport, preferences of travelers


Tomasz Magiera, Kinga Rząsa

Can cable railways become an element of urban transport?

Characteristics of cable railways systems (station buildings, driving system with driving rope, rolling stock, cars). Cable railway in Innsbruck – Hungerburgbahn. Cable car in Bilbao.

Key words: cable railway, urban transport


Maciej Karpała

Effective methods of prevention against tremblings, vibrations and secondary noise in the tram transport.

Solutions of Sika company in the scope of track ways construction that contribute with effective vibroacoustic protection. Examples of specific solutions in Kraków

Key words: urban transport, tram transport, vibrations, noise