Abstract (10/03)


Bogusław Molecki, Marcin Sienkiel
Feasibility analysis of night tramway transport replacement by bus transport in Wrocław

The history and present state of night public transport in Wrocław. The comparison of bus and tramway operations during the night. Adaptation of stops along tramway route for bus operations.


Bogusław Molecki, Bartosz Mazur

Night public transport arrangement in the case of Silesian cities.

The role of night public transport. The forms of transport connections dependent on operation management during the night. Network accessibility. Security in vehicles. The solutions applied in some Silesian cities.


Andrzej Krych, Wiesław Starowicz

The survey of integrated tramway and railway network ideas in Polish cities

The idea of rapid tramway dual system in Cracow. Tramper service assumptions for Poznań agglomeration. Proposal of railway & tramway integrated network in Warsaw.


A. Zielińska

Public consultations of safe transport solutions.


S. Monkiewicz

Zermatt – small town without exhaust gas.