Abstract 10/2011


Ryszard Janecki, Stanisław Krawiec

Concept of raising of railway regional carriages status in the services of the Górny Śląsk agglomeration

Railway transport in agglomerations as a stimulus for sustainable mobility. Possibilities offered by the system of railway transport in the Górny Śląsk agglomeration. Increase of significance of railway transport in the services of the Górny Śląsk agglomeration.

Key words:  railway transport, passenger transport, regional transport, carriages of passengers


Michał Beim

Bicycle policy in Mannheim

Bicycle infrastructure in the city. Parking of bikes. Public bicycles. Infrastructure of bike tourism. Bicycle traffic safety. Strategy of bicycle traffic development. Programme: The city friendly for cyclists. Cooperation with ngo’s.

Key words:  transport policy, bicycle policy, public participation, bicycle infrastructure, bicycle traffic.


Michał Wolański

Organisation of agglomeration rail transport based on private carriers and netto payment model – case study of Melbourne

Characteristics of tram network in the city. Cooperation between railway and tram carriages. History of privatisation of rail transport management.

Key words:  passenger transport, rail transport, tram transport


Tomasz Chaberko, Paweł Kretowicz

Law on public transport and demand on public utility carriages

Transformations of public transport between 1989 and 2010. The law on public transport services. Spatial allocation of demand on public utility carriages.

Key words:  passenger transport, transport demand, public utility


Marcin Połom, Rafał Tarnawski

Support for modernization and development of urban public transport in Lublin from the EU structural funds

Projects of modernization of urban public transport. Extension of trolleybus traction in the city. Modernization of stops infrastructure and development of passenger information system to improve public transport in the city. Integrated System of Urban Public Transport in Lublin.

Key words: passenger transport, public transport, trolleybus transport