Abstracts 1/2005


Anna Bartczak, Tomasz Żylicz

Dilemma of transport development in the light of Lisbon Strategy

Problem of transport development in Poland in the light of Lisbon Strategy that directs development of European Union in the first decade of 21 century has been considered in the paper. Against a background of common transport policy and transport dilemmas of new member of EU some instruments for transport rationalisation and dilemmas of transport development have been presented.

Key words: Transport, development, Lisbon strategy


Andrzej Zalewski

Transport policy in polish big cities

Changes in transport policy in Polish big cities at the turn of 20 and 21 century in the context of system changes from the beginning of 90-ties. Conditions, methods and steps in order to achieve aims of transport policy. Considerations and examples of transport policy from Warsaw, Łódź, Cracow, Poznań, Katowice.

Key words: Transport policy, transport system, Warsaw, Łódz, Cracow, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Katowice


Waldemar Rokicki

Modern system for fare collection with smart card – polish and European experiences

General information and dilemmas for usage of smart cards as a ticket in public transport. Cases of towns applying such ticket. Advantages of smart card. Implementation process of smart cart.

Key words: Public transport, smart card, town card


Michał Wigurski, Piotr Brzeziński

Modern system for fare collection with smart card in local public transport on case of town card system

Modern system for fare collection with smart card in local public transport on case of town card system

Key words: public transport, smart card, town card, Warsaw


Karol Trammer

Public transport integrated systems in Czech Republic

Characteristic of several public transport integrated systems – IDS (Integrovaný Dopravní Systém) in Czech Republic. Description on cases of tariff integration and time tables co-ordination for various operators performing at selected area.

Key words: Public transport, integration, Czech Republic


Jan Raczyński

Longest tram lines in Poland

History of Łódź suburban tram network origin that is the widest network in Europe. Description of three the longest tram lines: line no 46 Łódź-Ozorków (32 km), line no 11 Zgierz –Pabianice by Łódź (28 km) and line no 43 Łódź-Lutomiersko (24 km since 2001)

Key words: Tram service, tramway, Łódź


Jan Macała

Ngt6 low-loader tramway experiences after five years period of exploitation in Cracow

History of implementation of modern low-loader tramways type of NGT6 for public transport in Cracow. General exploitation features of tramways after five years period of exploitation.

Key words: Public transport, tramway, Public Transport Company in Cracow


Bogusław Molecki, Marcin Sienkiel

Preferences for public transport at Wrocław in theory and practice

Problem of execution transport policy in practice at Wrocław in the field of public transport has been considered in the paper. In particular the priorities for public transport, integration of public transport, comfort at bus stops, tariff and information for passengers.

Key words: Public transport, transport policy, Wrocław


Bożena Grad

Finance programme determining innovations at enterprises of regional passenger transport within regional innovation strategies

The problem of connections between innovations at enterprises of passenger public transport and regional innovation strategies and programmes for financing that sector of transport have been presented in the paper.

Key words: Regional transport, development, innovations, finance