Abstracts 3/2004

From Publisher and Chief Editor


Wiesław Starowicz, Ryszard Janecki

Regional public transport integration

Regional transport services formation, service integration, as well as extent and formal functions of transport executive units in the region. Examples related to Małopolska region.

Key words: public transport, regional transport, integration


Stefan Sarna
Transport systems against the background of other policy spheres in selected foreign cities AIPCR survey

The purpose of survey, carried by Technical Committee of Cities and Integrated Public Transport, was the evaluation of relation force between general policy in city and: (1) transport policy, (2) transport system productivity, (3) performance indicators, (4) interventions on transport system operation.

Key words: quality evaluation, survey


Stefan Sarna

XXII World Road Congress in Durban

Ministers responsible for road infra-structure and directors of highway agencies session related to Public-Private Partnership

Key words: Public-Private Partnership; transport infra-structure


Zofia Bryniarska

Transport mobility of inhabitants in some Silesian cities during typical week-day Part II

Investigations results comparison related to transport mobility of inhabitants in 10 Silesian cities during typical week-day. The set of basic attributes comprised: personal mobility (on general and distributed among transport modes), structure of trip reasons and parameters (travel time, distance and speed).

Key words: transport behaviour, personal mobility


Stefan Sarna

Crisis in the field of principles for capital land use development SARP and TUP Conference

The conference topic concerned the impact of new political system and legislation conditions on the quality and architectural formation, as well as land use order in Warsaw

Key words: land use planning, land use management


Andrzej Sambor

Research & Development projects in the field of urban transport funded by European Commission EU

Project COSMOS – Congestion Management Strategies and Methods in Urban Sites

Key words: congestion, traffic management methods


Sławomir Monkiewicz

Attention! Misleading traffic signs at new intersections in Warsaw

Presentation of traffic signing at the Siekierkowska Route/Czerniakowska Str. intersection.

Key words: traffic signing, traffic safety