Abstract 11/2011


Ryszard Janecki

Development of railway regional transport system in Górny Śląsk agglomeration through interbranch integration

Essentials for public transport integration in the agglomeration. Organiser of railway regional transport as  an entity of interbranch integration of transport in Górny Śląsk agglomeration. Organisational aspects of interbranch transport integration of  Górny Śląsk agglomeration.

Key words:  railway transport, passenger transport, regional transport, carriages of passengers


Michał Beim

Bicycle policy in Bolzano

Bicycle infrastructure in the city. Parking of bikes. Public bicycles. Infrastructure of bike tourism. Bicycle traffic safety. Strategy of bicycle traffic development. Social campaigns. Scientific cooperation.

Key words:  transport policy, bicycle policy, public participation, bicycle infrastructure, bicycle traffic.


Bartłomiej Derda, Aleksandra Pawlak- Burakowska

Analysis of the traffic in Polish airports 2004-2011

General characteristics of air transport in Poland and in several Polish airports. Structure of the market of air operators in Poland. Characteristics of passenger and cargo transport as well as airlifts

Key words:  air transport, airports, market of air transport


Aleksandra Ciastoń-Ciulkin

Preferences of passengers of the Lodz Wladysław Reymont airport related to the launch of railway connection to the airport

Means of transport operating currently for access to the Lodz Wladysław Reymont airport. Results of the poll researches of passengers travelling to/from the Lodz Wladysław Reymont airport. Preferences of passengers related to the choise of mean of transport when starting the railway connection to the airport. Estimated number of passengers of railway journeys to/from the airport.

Key words:  passenger transport,railway transport, airports


Maciej Mindur

Passenger transport in selected European agglomerations

Characteristics of public collective transport (bus, tram, trolleybus, minibus, railway, metro) in four European agglomerations: Moscow, Paris, London, Frankfurt am Main.

Key words:  passenger transport, urban public transport, collective public transport