Abstracts 5/2004



Local authorities tasks in the field of public transport

EU basic regulations in the field of public transport. Significance of these rules for Poland. Legal basis for local and regional transport management at particular levels of authority. New orders projects. Conditions for new rules implementation in Polish cities and regions. Public transport development directions according to EU requirements.

Key words: public transport, local authorities, EU regulations



Evolution of urban public transport service contracts

Evolution directions of transport service contracts and the choice of contract model. The co-operation rules of public authorities, responsible for urban transport service supply, with organisers and operators, under modified Public Procurement Act. Kinds of public transport service contracts.

Key words: public transport, transport service contracts



Directions of road network management systems development in urban areas

County roads recording in the case of Bielany Borough in Warsaw. Local administration tasks in the field of road recording. Application potential of such data for road network management.

Key words: road recording, road management



Bicycle cities in the future

Proposals for urban transport problems solutions taking into account suitable pedestrian and bicycle trips conditions. The idea of city with sustainable transport and land use econom. Facilities for cyclists in bus transport.

Key words: bicycle traffic, pedestrian traffic