Abstracts 1/2004


Marian Tracz, Krzysztof Ostrowski

Capacity of signal-controlled intersections with separate traffic lanes for left turns Capacity investigations of traffic lanes with restrictive left turn protection. Results of traffic volume surveys, capacity estimation methods related to such traffic lanes and the comparison of these methods. Impact of different factors (such as: split) on saturation flow on these traffic lanes.


Tomasz Dybicz

10 days free of charge parking in Warsaw Expecting that 10 days free of charge parking will cause the change transport mobility of Warsaw inhabitants, the special investigations of this change has been carried by Institute of Roads and Bridges Warsaw University of Technology. The before-after surveys carried out during the last week of November (when parking charging was in force) and the first week of December (free of charge parking). The investigations comprised of: surveys of the numbers legally and illegally parked cars, drivers interview, and the counting of cars parking in several areas.


Krzysztof Grzelec

Trolley-bus transport in Gdynia. Perspectives, realizabilities and conditions for operation and development Factors depending trolley-bus transport operation and development in urban areas. Present state of trolley-bus transport over the world, in Poland and in Gdynia. Development perspectives for such transport in Gdynia.


Władysław Gardziejczyk

Pitcher pavements – the question of traffic noise resulted of vehicle rolling The comparison of noise levels in street environment with pitcher and bituminous pavements. Noise level investigations using three different methods.


Józef Indyk, Jerzy Jarych, Bogdan Przysada

Bus stops over road ditches Description of ditch coping method using straining beams and location of bus stop with shelter over it. Such solution has been applied in some residential areas of Wrocław outskirts.