Abstract 2/2011


Radosław Bąk

Analysis of bus stops capacity

Aims of analysis of stops’ capacity. Criteria of planned capacity of stops. Proposal of  modernisation of stop capacity defining method. Examples of bus stop capacity counts.

Key words: transport infrastructure, infrastructure of collective transport, stop, stop capacity


Michał Beim

Railway transport as an element of regional development in Schleswig-Holstein

Regionalisation of railway transport in Germany. Railway transport as an element of sustainaible development of regions. Regional railway transport in Schleswig-Holstein.

Key words: passenger transport, railway transport, transport regionalisation


Jarosław Witkowski, Bartłomiej Rodawski, Tomasz Kołakowski

Simplified methodology of diagnosing demand and quality of collective transport in big urban agglomerations

Goal and scope of surveys on collective urban transport. Phases of surveys and its characteristics. Advantages and disadvantages of simplified methodology of diagnosing  collective urban transport.

Key words: passenger transport, collective transport, traffic surveys,  transport quality


Szarata Andrzej

Calibration of matrix using traffic counts

Assumptions of estimation of changes in O-D matrix using traffic counts. Problems of traffic measurement to estimation of changes in O-D matrix An example of application of methodology of the O-D matrix calibration.

Key words: O-D matrix, traffic assignment, fuzzy sets


Krzysztof Grzelec, Hubert Kołodziejski

Settlements of income on integrated tickets among transport operators based on passengers’ mobility behaviours surveys

Range of integration of municipal transport. Settlements within the framework of ticket and fare integration. Algorithm of distribution of income on combined tickets in Metropolia Zatoki Gdańskiej.

Key words: passenger transport, public transport, transport integration, integrated ticket


Ryszard Rakower, Jakub Łabędzki, Jędrzej Gadziński

Competitiveness of the bicycle traffic in the urban space

Bicycle speed in the light of Polish and European researches. Results of bicycle traffic surveys in Poznań. Bicycle traffic and other ways of transport. Directions of the bicycle municipal policy required by inhabitants.

Key words:  city transport, bicycle traffic, transport competitiveness