Abstract (9/03)


Zbigniew Komar

Practical questions in the field of traffic surveys and modelling resulted of road congestion

The author justify thesis about the necessity of special approach do traffic surveys and forecasts, as well as to transport investments programming for city centres. He pays attention also on the question of properly planning and carrying of complex traffic surveys as well as the results interpretation. He present the issues related to the outcomes and traffic consequences resulted of road network modifications in congested city centres.


Krzysztof Kiniorski, Agnieszka Perfikowska

Parking pricing system in Wrocław. History, experience and prospects

Stages of traffic and parking management in city centre with effect from middle of 90′ XX century up to present.


Józef Suda, Zbigniew Ujazdowski

Advisability analysis of parking pricing zone enlargement in Warsaw

General principles of parking pricing system operation. The evaluation of parking situation in selected areas of city centre based on the investigation of parking space utilisation during peak hours and drivers behaviour observations. Proposals for parking pricing zone enlargement.


Leszek Mikołajków

Tramways in Ostrava

Information about Dopravni Podnik Ostrava – tramway, trolley-bus and bus operator in the city, being also the company producing and modernising the tramway rolling stock.


Marcin Dziubiński

The history of carriages for tramway grid repairs in Warsaw. Part III – contemporary fleet up to 2003

The design presentation and a lot of photos, which illustrate depot carriages used in public transport in Warsa.