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Nr 3/2023 R.

Abstract 3/2023 Table of content Jakub Starczewski – Problems of freight distribution in city logistics Zofia Bryniarska, Michał Trojanowski – Development and importance for the inhabitants of Trzebinia of railway connections between Kraków and Katowice Karolina Gibas,  Zofia Bryniarska – Analysis and assessment of the level of service by the Municipal Transport Company in Bielsko-Biala […]

NR 2/2023 R.

Abstract 2/2023 Table of content Andrzej Krych – Peruvian railway construction (1850 – 1880).  History, determinants and engineering environment   Abstracts Andrzej Krych Peruvian railway construction (1850 – 1880).  History, determinants and engineering environment Abstract: The construction of the Trans-Andean Central Railway and the role of Ernest Adam Malinowski in this project have been overshadowed […]

NR 11/12/2022 R.

Abstract 11/12/2022 Table of content Katarzyna Mieszczak – Development of land use in relation to accessibility to public transport stops, based on the example of the Górka Narodowa Zachód area Kamil Dubiel – Results analysis of surveys on the evaluation and expectations of passengers of municipal public transport in Wieliczka Wojciech Bąkowski – Conditions for […]

NR 10/2022 R.

Abstract 10/2022 Table of content Tomasz Kula – The analysis of the Polish railway market and image of rail passenger carriers Ryszard Przybyszewski – The concept of integrating tram transport with suburban bus transport on the example of Toruń Przemysław Sekuła – Traffic volume estimation with the use of neural networks Andrzej Rudnicki – Determinants […]

NR 9/2022 R.

Abstract 9/2022 Table of content Robert Tomanek – Instruments to decarbonize urban mobility Kisielewski Piotr, Kołaczek Jacek, Dańda Mariusz – Model of transport planning in the relationship between organizer and operator of public transport  Aleksandra Ciastoń-Ciulkin, Filip Bejmert – Solutions for integrating agglomeration railways with other modes of transport on the example of the Łódź […]

NR 8/2022 R.

Abstract 8/2022 Table of content Hubert Kołodziejski, Olgierd Wyszomirski – 30 years of operation of the Municipal Transportation Board (ZKM) in Gdynia Robert Tomanek – Process of abandoning the market-based model of urban public transport operation Michał Wolański – Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Polish urban mobility policies  Mikołaj Bartłomiejczyk,  Marcin Połom – Selected […]

NR 7/2022 R.

Abstract 7/2022 Table of content Aleksander Sobota, Mariusz Gruszka, Dorota Gawenda – Method of bus lines classification on the example of lines organised by the Metropolitan Transport Authority in Katowice Sylwia Sopata, Zofia Bryniarska – Analysis of the operation of selected interchange nodes in Nowy Sącz based on passenger opinions – Part II Adrian Baran, […]

NR 6/2022 R.

Abstract 6/2022 Table of content Maciej Kaczorek, Marianna Jacyna – Fuzzy logic-based decision model for transport system development Jan Aleksandrowicz – Multi-criteria optimization of the allocation of vehicles to urban public transport lines Szymon Klemba- Forecast of the consumption of liquid fuels in railway transport until 2040 Piotr Chyliński – Forecasting the demand potential for […]

NR 5/2022 R.

Abstract 5/2022 Table of content Vitalii Naumov, Andrzej Szarata, Hanna Vasiutina – National model of the road cargo transport based on the TD-E survey results Krystian Birr – Methodology of Big Data acquisition from mobile telephony and possibilities of their use in travel modelling Konrad Biszko, Jacek Oskarbski – Emissions modelling using microscopic traffic simulation […]

NR 4/2022 R.

Abstract 4/2022 Table of content Arkadiusz Karcz – Concept of the Poviat-Municipal Association “Góry Sowie Public Transport” Tomasz Gnabasik, Łukasz Łochowicz – Infrastructure and traffic solutions to improve accessibility of public transport during implementation of major infrastructure investments in Poznań Paweł Gruszczyński – Support programmes for the management of urban public transport vehicles in Kraków […]

NR 3/2022 R.

Abstract 3/2022 Table of content Kamila Hanasiuk, Marek Motylewicz – Study on vehicle traffic and drivers’ behaviors on turbo-roundabouts without elevated traffic lane separators Jacek Krawczyk – Concept for the expansion of urban tramway transport in Częstochowa Adrian Baran, Zofia Bryniarska – Indicator evaluation of interchange nodes using the AMPTI methodology on the example of […]

NR 1/2/2022 R.

Abstract 1/2/2022 Table of content Michał Małysz – Traffic-accelerated trains as a symbol of the renaissance of passenger rail in interregional transport in Poland Kinga Markowska – Identification and evaluation of facilitators and barriers in using public transport in Konin by persons with reduced mobility Zofia Bryniarska,  Magdalena Jasłowska – Analysis of the change in […]

NR 11/12/2021 R.

Abstract 11/12/2021 Table of content Marcin Chowaniec – Risks in the work environment of professional driver on the example of the Municipal Transport Company in Nowy Sącz Krzysztof Jarosiński – History of the scooter movement development and characteristics of the electric scooter rental in Kraków Krystian Banet – Modeling the impact of the path environment […]

NR 10/2021 R.

Abstract 10/2021 Table od content Zofia Bryniarska, Aleksandra Kuza – Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the functioning of passenger transport Michał Małysz – Wrocław Główny as a railway junction of European importance   Abstracts Zofia Bryniarska, Aleksandra Kuza Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the functioning of passenger transport Abstract: The article […]

NR 9/2021 R.

Abstract 9/2021 Table of content Urszula Kierpiec – Concept of spatial development and transport services for the Żabiniec district in Kraków Dominika Kaczerska, Krystian Kaczerski – Modern trends in ferry passenger shipping Jakub Kaczorowski – Application of GIS network analyses in planning locations of public transport stops on the example of Brzeg Dolny  Maciej Prokopowicz, […]

Nr 7/8/2021 R.

Abstract 7/8/2021 Table of content Karol Kłosowski – Bus feeder lines to railroads as a means of integrating, developing and increasing the accessibility of public transport Batorski Miłosz – Autonomous vehicles in urban collective transport Grzegorz Chruścicki – Analysis of the impact of the pandemic situation on the index evaluation of the urban public transport […]

NR 6/2021 R.

Abstract 6/2021 Table of content Michał Małysz – Potential of Polish night trains in domestic connections Ewelina Dułak, Agnieszka Juchum, Joanna Wachnicka – Problems endangering the safety of children and their parents in road traffic while traveling to school on the example of the Przymorze Małe in Gdańsk Wołowiec Paweł – Agglomeration railroad systems in […]

NR 5/2021 R.

Abstract 5/2021 Table of content Adrian Noworolnik – Efficiency of ticket distribution channels issued by the Metropolitan Transport Authority in Katowice  Adam Machelski – Identification of prohibited drivers’ behaviors on the dedicated bus lanes in Poznań Zbigniew Anioł – Analysis of the passenger potential of railway stations and stops in the Metropolitan Association of Upper […]

NR 4/2021 R.

Abstract 4/2021 Table of content National Transport Model – strategic transport model Karolina Mering, Joanna Wachnicka – Analysis of the electric scooters use in cities in terms of road traffic safety on the example of Gdańsk Karolina Rusin, Wiesław Starowicz – Analysis of transport quality in urban public transport in Konin Aleksandra Adamek – Competitiveness […]

NR 3/2021 R.

Abstract 3/2021 Table of content Noworolnik Adrian – Development of transport tariffs in the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia and Dąbrowa Basin (GZM) Andrzej Rudnicki – Connections of the street network of Polish cities with high-speed roads Jan Aleksandrowicz, Aleksandra Stróżek – Priority for public transport vehicles in a traffic light control plan based on […]

NR 2/2021 R.

Abstract 2/2021 Table of content Sabina Kęsicka, Joanna Wachnicka – Analysis of the influence of unprotected road users’ behavior on their safety level on pedestrian crossings without traffic lights Karol Kłosowski – Opinions on the draft transport plans of voivodships by the President of the Office of Rail Transport – current practice Batorski Miłosz – Applications […]

NR 1/2021 R.

Abstract 1/2021 Table of content Ewa Kusio, Tomasz Wawrzonek, Agata Lewandowska – Unmarked crosswalks – state of knowledge and practical aspects Maciej Mikulski – Trams in Lublin – urban concepts and other studies in historical and contemporary perspective   Abstracts Ewa Kusio, Tomasz Wawrzonek, Agata Lewandowska Unmarked crosswalks – state of knowledge and practical aspects […]

NR 12/2020 R.

Abstract 12/2020 Table of content Wojciech  Suchorzewski, Andrzej Brzeziński, Andrzej Waltz – Traffic modelling and forecasting – from abacus to Big Data Bryniarska Zofia, Jarosiński Krzysztof – Functioning of the Wavelo city bike rental in Krakow between 2017-2019 Michał Małysz – Multimodal interchanges in the Wrocław city space Maciej Mikulski – Trams’ travel time depending […]

NR 11/2020 R.

Abstract 11/2020 Table of content Jamroz Kazimierz, Mackun Tomasz, Gumińska Lucyna, Różkowski Janusz – Draft guidelines for designing line infrastructure for pedestrians  Mackun Tomasz, Jamroz Kazimierz, Anna Gobis, Joanna Żółtowska – Draft of Pedestrian Crossing Infrastructure Design Guidelines   Abstracts Jamroz Kazimierz, Mackun Tomasz, Gumińska Lucyna, Różkowski Janusz Draft guidelines for designing line infrastructure for […]

NR 10/2020 R.

Abstract 10/2020 Table of content Kazimierz Jamroz, Joanna Żukowska – Road safety problems and challenges in the New Decade Kazimierz Jamroz – Challenges and opportunities for pedestrian protection on roads and streets in Poland Jamroz Kazimierz, Okraszewska Romanika, Michalski Lech, Gumińska Lucyna, Mackun Tomasz – Draft guidelines for planning pedestrian routes   Abstracts Kazimierz Jamroz, […]

NR 9/2020 R.

Abstract 9/2020 Table of content Andrzej Brzeziński, Magdalena Rezwow-Mosakowska – Draft of planning guidelines for bicycle infrastructure Andrzej Brzeziński, Karolina Jesionkiewicz-Niedzińska – Draft of guidelines for bicycle infrastructure design Agata Kurek, Paulina Świerk, Elżbieta Macioszek – Solutions to reduce congestion in cities as a factor that can improve road safety in built-up areas Krzysztof  Lingo, […]

NR 8/2020 R.

Abstract 8/2020 Table of content Andrzej Bąk – Analysis of pedestrian accessibility to the agglomeration fast railway (SKA) station in Małopolskie Voivodeship Natalia Czołgosz, Daniel Karpowicz, Klaudia Berus – Impact of floor height on the time of passenger exchange in trams Jakub Kaczorowski, Marcin Pinkosz – Transport and revitalisation – the impact of the construction […]

NR 7/2020 R.

Abstract 7/2020 Table of content Grzegorz Karoń, Ryszard Janecki, Renata Żochowska, Aleksander Sobota, Piotr Soczówka, Marcin Jacek Kłos – Characteristics of selected issues of systems engineering on the example of development of the concept of Metropolitan Railway system in GZM Dawid Gąsior, Weronika Kubik, Piotr Orzech, Agata Piętak – Research on the preferences of the […]

NR 6/2020 R.

Abstract 6/2020 Table of content Jan Aleksandrowicz,  Wiesław Starowicz – Automatic passenger counting systems in urban public transport Jacek Oskarbski – Traffic models in modern road transport management Katarzyna Solecka, Monika Cholewa – Multi-criteria evaluation of available application supporting city travel with public transport – Andrzej Krych – Horizon 2050 – Towards a New Paradigm […]

Nr 5/2020 R.

Abstract 5/2020 Table of content Andrzej Rudnicki – The level of service quality provided by the street section to public transport, according to the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM-2010) Zofia Bryniarska, Sabina Puławska-Obiedowska – Analysis of the perception of public transport quality among women and men in Krakow Jacek Oskarbski, Karol Żarski – Conditions for the implementation […]

Nr 4/2020 R.

Abstract 4/2020 Table of content Grzegorz Krawczyk, Barbara Kos, Robert Tomanek – Trends of changes in the mobility model based on research on transport behaviors of the creative class in Polish metropolises Wiesław Starowicz, Grzegorz Dyrkacz – Collective public transport on demand on the example of Kraków Maciej Helbin,  Olgierd Wyszomirski – Evolution of information […]

NR 3/2020 R.

Abstract 3/2020 Table of content Andrzej Krych – Conceptual vision of the tram in a historical development process   Abstracts Andrzej Krych Conceptual vision of the tram in a historical development process Abstract: The article presents the history of the formation of contemporary tramway networks from the beginning of progress in track formation, through the […]

NR 2/2020 R.

Abstract 2/2020 Table of content Maciej Górowski, Zbigniew Konieczek – Tram driving autonomy as a tool to support the work of motorists Piotr Soczówka, Renata Żochowska, Aleksander Sobota, Marcin Jacek Kłos – Influence of travel-related factors on the time of arrival to the public transport stop Adrian Barchański, Renata Żochowska, Marcin Jacek Kłos, Piotr Soczówka […]

NR 1/2020 R.

Abstract 1/2020 Table of content Tomasz Kwarciński – Company Przewozy Regionalne sp. z o.o. as an operator on the rail passenger transport market Maria Zych-Lewandowska – Factors affecting the organization of special municipal public transport systems operating cemeteries during the All Saints’ Day Krzysztof Dostani – Operating of ITS systems for public transport on the […]

NR 11/12/2019 R.

Abstract 11/12/2019 Table of content  Tomasz Kwarciński – Importance of self-government voivodships in the development of regional passenger transport in Poland Michał Wójtowicz – Pictogram as an information carrier in the public transport Szymon Oleksiuk – Public Transport Management Subsystem as a part of the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in Bielsko-Biała Bryniarska Zofia, Szczygieł Aneta […]

NR 9/10/2019 R.

Abstract 9/10/2019 Table of content Bryniarska Zofia, Daniel Klaudia – Analysis of Public Transport Operation During Renovation of the Józef Piłsudski Bridge in Nowy Sącz Anton Pashkevich, Jacek Bartusiak, Piotr Lenik – Analysis of offers of the BlaBlaCar carpooling service on the example of travel from / to Krakow  Magdalena Szpórnóg – Analysis of transport […]

NR 8/2019 R.

Abstract 8/2019 Table of content Krystian Banet – The impact of air temperature on the bike-sharing systems in Krakow and New York Agnieszka Rogala,  Bartłomiej Wiertel – Measurement of pedestrian and bike traffic – analysis of conflicts Jan Aleksandrowicz – Informing passengers about vacancies in urban public transport vehicles with the use of automatic passenger […]

NR 7/2019 R.

Abstract 7/2019 Table of content Michał Małysz – The role of morning rail connections in shaping of spatial accessibility of regions Ewelina Kołkowska – Functioning of bike sharing system in Katowice Krystian Banet – Bicycle traffic as an element of sustainable mobility Tomasz Magiera – Comparative analysis of urban cableways with means of public transport […]

NR 6/2019 R.

Abstract 6/2019 Table of content Sabina Mateja, Joanna Wachnicka – Traffic safety threats on intersections with the tram line located next to the road and improvement measures Andrzej Krych – Energy consumption as a criterion for the optimization of urban public transport Małgorzata Figura, Katarzyna Solecka – Evaluation of urban public transport system in Kraków […]

NR 5/2019 R.

Abstract 5/2019 Table of content Robert Tomanek – Risks of exclusivity of instruments for sustainable urban mobility Wojciech Kocot – Pre-emergency state of a road bridge in the mining areas Piotr Ogórek,  Mateusz Kulig,  Anna Przeniczny – Adaptation of urban public transport systems to the needs of people with limited mobility, in particular to the […]

NR 4/2019 R.

Abstract 4/2019 Table of content Michał Wolański – Amendments to the Law on public collective transport Rafał Grzegorzewski – Operational, schedule and economic efficiency of separated bus lines Andrzej Rudnicki – Contribution to the discussion on the problems of the development of rail public transport in big cities – the Krakow case  Klaudia Dobija – […]

Nr 3/2019 R.

Abstract 3/2019 Table of content Maciej Helbin, Olgierd Wyszomirski – The use of modern technologies to control transport services on the example of the Public Transport Authority in Gdynia Stanisław Krawiec, Krzysztof Krawiec – Implementing of electric buses to public transport –   theory and practice Elżbieta Załoga, Zuzanna Kłos-Adamkiewicz – Transport needs of ageing society […]

Nr 2/2019 R.

Abstract 2/2019 Table of content Maciej Helbin, Olgierd Wyszomirski – Possibilities of Using Big Data in Researching Demand and Supply in Urban Transport Krystian Birr – Research on residents’ travel for the mode choice modeling Mariusz Kamola, Jakub Wesołowski – Analysis techniques and modeling of the urban origin destination matrix  Przemysław Grabias – Selected measurement […]

NR 1/2019 R.

Abstract 1/2019 Table of content Kazimierz Jamroz,  Joanna Żukowska, Lech Michalski – Challenges and directions of developments for road safety in the coming decade in Poland Krzysztof Goniewicz,  Mariusz Goniewicz, Witold Pawłowski  Road traffic injuries in Poland Piotr Kaźmierczak, Joanna Wachnicka –  Operational tests of vertical road signs Adam Tarnowski, Kamila Gąsiorek, Anna Olejniczak-Serowiec, Norbert […]

NR 12/2018 R.

Abstract 12/2018 Table of content Martyna Waloska, Katarzyna Nosal Hoy – Walkability assessment of the Dębnicki Square area in Krakow Waldemar Parkitny – Analysis of paid parking zones’ in Opole Anna Górka,  Jarosław Szustek – Implementation of the priority for trams on the “Zgrupowanie AK Radosław” roundabout in Warsaw using the partial intersections division method […]

NR 11/2018 R.

Abstract 11/2018 Table of content Bryniarska Zofia, Gacek Karolina – Usage of travel planners as a source of passenger information in public transport in Krakow Choromański Włodzimierz, Iwona Grabarek – Autonomous vehicles in urban agglomerations Juliusz Engelhardt – Evolution of public rail transport management’s organization in Poland in the years 1990-2018. Józef Suda, Jacek Lenartowicz […]

NR 10/2018 R.

Abstract 10/2018 Table of content Radosław Bul – Evaluation of the program for the construction of public transport interchanges within the framework of Integrated Territorial Investments in the City of Poznań and its agglomeration Jacek Malasek – Autonomic car and Vision Zero Bryniarska Zofia,  Wilk Natalia – Assessment of the Wavelo city bike rental system […]

NR 9/2018 R.

Abstract 9/2018 Table of content Andrzej Rudnicki – The beginnings of implementing the idea of traffic calming and parking policy in Cracow Piotr Kącki,  Urszula Duda-Wiertel – Development of the paid parking zone in Krakow 1988 – 2018 Tadeusz Kopta – Activities of the Polish Ecological Club for calming traffic and transport policy, including parking […]

NR 8/2018 R.

Abstract 8/2018 Table of content Jacek Malasek – Mobility-as-a-Service Krystian Banet , Andrzej Szarata – The legitimacy of tram network development on the example of Częstochowa Smoleń Piotr, Starowicz Wiesław – The concept of a system assessing the driving style of drivers in road cargo transport Michał Małysz – Development directions of long-distance rail connections […]

NR 6/2018 R.

Abstract 6/2018 Table of content Robert Kruk,  Przemysław Brona – The index method of freight forecasting based on macroeconomic indicators Maciej Kaczorek,  Mikołaj Klikowski,  Adam Konarski, Stanisław Lenart, Bartłomiej Mikulski, Michał Mokrzański, Michał Pyzik – Railway Freight Model – traffic model for the Polish Railways Company    Adam Konarski, Mikołaj Klikowski, Bartłomiej Mikulski, Michał Mokrzański, […]

NR 5/2018 R.

Abstract 5/2018 Table of content Katarzyna Nosal Hoy – Gender factor in travel behaviour Aleksandra Faron – The impact of pedestrian accessibility and the location of the railway station on its passenger potential Rafał Kucharski, Justyna Mielczarek, Arkadiusz Drabicki, Andrzej Szarata – Method to update demand model with application of GSM OD matrices Denis Kapski, […]

NR 4/2018 R.

Abstract 4/2018 Table of content Maciej Kruszyna – Relationships between the functionality of the interchange node and planning of connections in the transport network Jan Aleksandrowicz – Usefulness of automatic passenger counting systems for prediction of demand for transport services Mariusz Dudek,  Hendrik Weiss – Analysis of the quantities describing bicycle traffic based on the […]

NR 3/2018 R.

Abstract 3/2018 Table of content Piotr Rosik, Tomasz Komornicki, Sławomir Goliszek, Przemysław Śleszyński, Wojciech Pomianowski – Traffic modeling in Poland with use of the municipal level of data aggregation Kazimierz Jamroz, Krystian Birr, Romanika Okraszewska – Motorization rate forecasting at the regional level Michał Pyzik, Arkadiusz Drabicki, Marek Bauer,  Andrzej Szarata – Macrosimulation transport model […]