Abstracts 7,8/2004



Efficiency of changes in public transport vehicles frequency

Some considerations on selected activities for transport service standard improvements have been presented in the paper. The analysis includes the evaluation of changes in public transport vehicles frequency on quality of passenger transport service.

Key words: passenger transport, quality, frequency, efficiency.



Road passenger transport management in any province on case of  Małopolska

The activities in the field of coordination of road transport management in province have been presented in the paper. The object of any activities is to improve passenger transport service in province. The considerations have been illustrated by cases of some solutions from Małopolska.

Key words: road transport, management, province, Małopolska



Supplementary payment for half-price tickets and their influence on the market of regional bus service functioning

The analysis of changes in the field of rights for half-price tickets and influence on selected areas of regional bus services have been presented in the paper. The analysis has been based on inquiry survey in PKS Company. 

Key words: regional transport, price reductions, subsidy, PKS Company.



Transportation behaviours of inhabitants at selected Silesian towns in weekends

The results of survey in 12 Silesian towns on transportation behaviour among inhabitants in their free from work days have been presented. The analysis includes the definition of inhabitants’ mobility with divisions on modes of transport, structure of trips motivation and length of trips.

Key words: transportation behaviour, mobility, town, Silesia.



Greenery in towns

Some problems of greenery creation in streets of towns have been presented in the paper. Various functions of greenery (technical, aesthetic, healthful, social) and its disadvantages have been identified. Some aspects of greenery designing in streets have been mentioned.

Key words: street, greenery, town.



Suburban transport service in added value system for passenger

The premises for creation added value for passenger in suburban transport service have been presented in the paper. The advantages in the sphere of transportation offer and in economic sphere for transport company have been considered.

Key words: passenger transport, regional transport, added value, efficiency.