Abstracts 10/2004



Barriers in integration of public local with regional transport

The identification of barriers in the integration of the local and regional transport – the formal-legal, economic-financial, technical-exploitive, sociopolitical barriers. Activities towards breaking the barriers of the integration of the local and regional transport. The barriers on the case of Danzig provinces.

      Key words: public transport, regional transport, integration



Legal status of local public transport in Poland in the light of amended law of European Union

Present legal system settling public transport. Polish law at the background of EU law. Possibility of application of European experiences in Poland.

       Key words: public transport, carrier, management



Technical conditions for application of various forms of street verdure

Stages for the process of the street verdure implementation – designing, planting verdure, maintenance and removal. Conditions for assuring the definite technical terms according to the form of verdure applied in practice.

     Key words: streets, verdure, town



Sale of public transport services using mobile phones

The characterization of varioust tickets – paper- tickets , tickets with the magnetic stripe, electronic cards. Premises for mobile phone usage as the system of receiving of charges in public transportation. The characterization of solutions in the range of tickets sale using the mobile phones.

     Key words: public transport, ticket, mobile phone



The crossroad modernization on small roundabout in Siemianowice Śląskie city

Description of modernisation for crossroad with four partly canalized inlets to small roundabout with three inlets. Changes in traffic organization towards improvement of traffic fluency, increase of capacity and better road traffic safety.

     Key words: small roundabouts, crossroad, road traffic safety



Service quality in passenger public transport. Characterisation of new Polish standard(Parth 1)

More important definitions related to passenger public transport and transport service quality. Methodology of defining the quality of transport services. Demands relating to transport service quality and methods of their measurement. The tools of quality      management suggested in the standard.

     Key words: public transport, quality, transport service, management